Beauty For Ashes is a confidential 11 week Bible study designed to minister towards healing to women who have been wounded by abortion.  By focusing on Scripture, we can help lead you through the process of restoration and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  The experience of a pregnancy loss through abortion may be far in the past but the memories and reminders often remain.  You are not alone in your feelings.  The good news is those feelings don't have to go on for forever.  We would like to invite you to join others in taking the first step towards heeling.

Life At Conception

Life at Conceptions a Christ-based pro-life outreach of the Beauty For Ashes ministry that serves at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet.  It provides information and resources about the sanctity of human life, pro-life issues, abortion and abortion recovery through Scripture as well as prayer, Bibles and the gospel message.  It is always open to sharing at churches and venues where requested.



Kathy Veazie

Beauty For Ashes Director


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