Calvary La Mirada is blessed to have a team that loves to pour out their hearts in praise.  We believe that praise is a great way to corporately pour our hearts out in reverence, adoration, and thanksgiving to our Savior.  We are blessed to have a church that loves worship and that wants to enter into an expressive Christ-centered time of worship.  


We are a church that loves worship and loves to worship our Savior.  We see praise in the Scriptures being accompanied by choirs of angels in heaven and choirs of Christ followers on earth.  We believe that a choir is the most encouraging illustration of biblical worship to the congregation and encourage any passionate worshipers to join us on a monthly basis.

If you would like to join our worship team or our choir, please email josh@calvarylm.org


Pastor Josh.png

Worship Pastor

Joshua Leon


Choir Director

Noel Vergara